Relationships for Life

Finding the ideal partner in life is very important. And then, once you are in that wonderful relationship, you must find balance and learn the art of diplomacy so that your new love grows into a rich life-long partnership filled with all the warmth, joy and fulfillment a happy relationship has to offer.

When children are added to the relationship dynamic, it is important to maintain your balance you have work hard for, and teach your children values of gratitude, trust, and respect. All of this is made easier with our Relationships for Life self-hypnosis series.

Find Balance for Your Relationships in every area of your life, and improve relations with immediate and extended family, friends, and even co-workers. Attract relationships of goodwill, mutual respect, and balance. By releasing emotional barriers and past failures, you can develop confident and open communications to create win-win interactions. These new interpersonal and relationship skills will help you create a successful, fulfilled and happy life.

Read more about each of Laura’s self-hypnosis sessions below, and click on the individual products for more information. Start creating the relationships you want today with Laura’s Relationships for Life self-hypnosis series.

  • Balance for Your Relationships
    Everything in life is a balancing act. We must balance time between work, home, relaxation, friends and family.  More importantly we must find a good balance in our relationships. Laura’s Balance for Your Relationships self-hypnosis session will help you feel good about yourself and establish good will, respect and balance in your relationships.
  • Diplomatic Partner
    Being a good partner is easy with Laura’s Diplomatic Partner self-hypnosis session. Simply listen as Laura relaxes you into a receptive state and she will help you release anything in your subconscious that might interfere, and then imprints a new framework for being a good partner, a Diplomatic Partner. Your other half will notice, and you will both be happier.
  • Attract the Ideal Partner
    Attracting the ideal partner takes more than just looking your best. Your subconscious mind is filled with reminders of your past mistakes, your fears and even your parents’ and other relationships you observed in your life; and whether you realize it or not, this comes through in your interaction with men. Laura wrote and recorded Attract the Ideal Partner self-hypnosis to help you release these inner programs and replace them with confidence and availability.