5 Tips for Attracting Your Ideal Partner

Bring the person you belong with, into your life.

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, many people are looking for a partner to share their life with, despite achieving great success in other areas of their lives. If you’re one of them, it’s very likely your own behavior and thought patterns are what’s keep you from finding a partner who’s good for you. Here are 5 tips/things to think about that will put you on a path to attracting your ideal partner.

  1. Eliminate negative thoughts and negative self-talk about meeting your ideal person.
    What is the first thought that comes to you about meeting someone? Is it positive? If it isn’t, get on the path to changing your habits of thought and language.
  2. Think of the type of partner you want to attract.
    What are their physical and personality traits? What activities do they enjoy? Be realistic; this isn’t the time to daydream about George Clooney or Heidi Klum. Write down at least 20 adjectives that describe the partner you want to attract.
  3. Make a movie in your mind about spending time with this person who can contribute to your peace and happiness.
    Watch it and feel it and feel worthy of it. Remember music videos? Make a music video in your head, starring you and your wonderful partner.
  4. Take an inventory of your past experiences and patterns.
    Do you tend to meet people at the gym but then it doesn’t work out, and in a bad way? Maybe you should stop pursuing people from the gym. Do you tend to date much younger or much older people? Maybe that should stop. On the other hand, what does work? Do you tend to meet wonderful people who just aren’t a good match? What do all of the good parts have in common? Do more of the good parts.
  5. Get out there with a plan. Look at your current behavior.
    Do you go to places where you might meet people who are like-minded, and with an open mind, and with a dedication to be present? When you do go out, are you texting people the whole time and not paying attention to where you are or the person you’re with? Are you just going through the motions and then complaining that there’s no one out there, or are you serious about meeting someone? Do you sabotage yourself by going out only in your workout clothes, or do you get nicely dressed a few times a week and put your best foot forward, in terms of your appearance? Examine your behavior and replace aspects of it that prevent you from meeting your ideal someone, with behavior that encourages you to meet that ideal someone.

The reality is that your own behavior and thoughts are probably what’s standing between you and your ideal partner. The good things is that those are just about the only things you can do something about! Good luck, and have fun!

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