Laura King is a sport coach for sporting clay shooters.

Would you like to improve your accuracy, and consistently feel that you are performing at your peak level?

Shooting is 90% Mental!

Hypnosis can help train your mind for peak performance, giving the shooter a ladder to success. Often, a lot of time and resources are dedicated to equipment/gear, training, and mechanics; however, the shooter with a mental mastery will have the most success! Everything you think and do moves you closer to your goal, or further away. We can help you mentally prepare for meets, creating your peak performance!


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Sporting clay enthusiasts can benefit from hypnosis in various ways, as it can help address specific mental and emotional aspects that are crucial for success in the sport. Here are some needs and goals that sporting clay enthusiasts may have and how hypnosis can be tailored to meet them:

  1. Improving Focus and Concentration:
  • Need: Sporting clay shooting requires intense focus on the target and quick decision-making.
  • Goal: To enhance concentration, maintain attention on the target, and block out distractions.
  • Hypnosis Approach: Hypnosis sessions can include guided visualizations and exercises that improve concentration and teach individuals how to enter a focused state before and during the shoot.
  1. Reducing Anxiety and Nervousness:
  • Need: Nervousness and anxiety can negatively affect shooting performance, leading to missed targets.
  • Goal: To manage and reduce performance-related anxiety.
  • Hypnosis Approach: Hypnotherapy can help individuals relax, release pre-shoot jitters, and build confidence in their shooting abilities. Techniques like progressive relaxation and positive suggestion can be incorporated.
  1. Enhancing Confidence and Self-Belief:
  • Need: Confidence plays a significant role in successful sporting clay shooting.
  • Goal: To boost self-confidence and believe in one's shooting skills.
  • Hypnosis Approach: Hypnosis sessions can include positive affirmations and mental imagery exercises that instill confidence and reinforce positive self-beliefs.
  1. Hone Mental Skills and Strategy:
  • Need: Developing mental skills, such as decision-making and strategic planning, is essential for consistent performance.
  • Goal: To sharpen mental skills, analyze targets effectively, and choose the right strategies for each station.
  • Hypnosis Approach: Hypnotherapy can be used to improve cognitive skills, enhance problem-solving abilities, and facilitate mental rehearsal of different shooting scenarios.
  1. Managing Stress and Pressure:
  • Need: Sporting clay competitions often involve pressure and stress that can hinder performance.
  • Goal: To stay composed and perform well under pressure.
  • Hypnosis Approach: Hypnosis can teach stress management techniques, including deep breathing, self-regulation, and emotional resilience strategies.
  1. Overcoming Slumps and Plateaus:
  • Need: Like any sport, shooters may experience performance slumps or plateaus.
  • Goal: To break through slumps, regain form, and achieve consistent performance improvement.
  • Hypnosis Approach: Hypnotherapy can help individuals identify and address mental barriers that may be contributing to slumps, promoting a positive mindset and renewed motivation.
  1. Mental Preparation and Visualization:
  • Need: Effective mental preparation and visualization are essential for success in sporting clays.
  • Goal: To mentally prepare for competitions and visualize successful shots.
  • Hypnosis Approach: Hypnosis can guide individuals through pre-competition mental rituals, visualization exercises, and mental rehearsals to enhance preparedness.

By understanding the specific needs and goals of sporting clay enthusiasts and tailoring hypnosis sessions to address these aspects, you can provide valuable support for individuals looking to improve their performance in this precision sport. Individualized hypnotherapy sessions can be particularly effective in helping shooters achieve their mental and emotional objectives in sporting clay shooting.

How Hypnosis & Sports Coaching Can Benefit You

• Eliminate performance anxiety, stress, and frustration
• Create consistent peak performance
• Terminate fear based thinking - worries, doubts, regrets, negative expectations
• Efficiently and confidently move on from a miss
• Lock in on target
• Have fun and enjoy competing
• Boost self confidence and self belief

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Citrus Shoot Dec 10 20222


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