Pain Management

"Hypnosis Consistently Produces Significant Decreases in Pain"

Of all of the uses of hypnosis, it is perhaps pain management that has been studied the most. It has been shown to be effective in the decrease of chronic pain conditions including cancer, arthritis, sickle cell disease, and disability-related pain. It has even been shown to be more effective than other treatments, such as physical therapy. It has even been shown to decrease acute pain. For a brief review of research, click here.

We here at Summit Hypnosis and Wellness have treated a variety of pain-related conditions for years and have found that most people are very responsive to the sessions. Maybe the success of hypnosis for pain management has something to do with the reality that most people already know that it is likely to be successful. The mind is so powerful!

We welcome any and all prospective clients with acute or chronic pain, no matter how severe. If you are currently on prescription medication, you might find your dosage to decrease. You might even find that you no longer have a need for medication.

Regardless, schedule a consultation and we will clarify expectations, as they can differ dramatically depending on your situation.

Pain is a fascinating test of our minds and our mind/body connections. We hope you give yourself the gift of the opportunity to discover a method for managing pain that involves little or no medication (not to mention the expense of medication) and gives you tools for controlling your reactions to what you are experiencing.

Call or text 561-841-7603 or email us at [email protected]. Give yourself the gift of pain management!

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