If you are anĀ figure skaterĀ you know skating requires athletic agility and stamina. Since theĀ ice responds directly to your emotions and ability, it also requires that you remain calm while performing in front of a crowd. Add the extremely competitive nature of competitive skating, and itĀ can sometimes be too much to handle.

CompetitiveĀ figure skatingĀ requires theĀ skater to have complete mental confidence in themselves and their abilities. We seeĀ figure skatersĀ in our offices who have lost confidence in theirĀ skating ability who go on to earn many trophies. How? With hypnosis specifically designed for the skater.

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Hypnosis, also known as Guided Imagery, will help you learn to:

  • Relax so that muscle tension no longer interferes with your performance
  • Release the gripping fear of performing in front of crowds
  • Achieve peak performance every time you enter the rink
  • Gain concentration so you can remember your routines and ignore outside distractions