Is Hypnosis Right For You?

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There seems to be a very skewed idea of what hypnosis is, and a distinct misperception of what hypnosis is not. All too often we hear phrases like “put me under”, where they are in an unconscious state and have no control. For many, the uncertainty of what to expect, combined with the myths surrounding hypnosis, brings up feelings of hesitation or doubt. However, most beliefs and myths surrounding hypnosis could not be further from the truth. In a mission to help others, and create greater awareness through education and experience, we have answered some of the most common questions we receive.

What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a normal, natural state of mind that we all enter many times a day. In fact, by definition, hypnosis is a heightened state of awareness. While you will be deeply relaxed physically, mentally you will be much more alert than your normal state of conscious awareness. It is a focused awareness where you are highly receptive to positive ideas that change how you think and feel. A few common examples of everyday hypnosis are reading a good book that captivates you, daydreaming, or getting so deep in thought while driving that you miss a turn or exit.

Can you make me do strange things?

Hypnosis is not mind control – you have complete control over what you will and will not do, and you will instantly reject any idea or suggestion that is uncomfortable to you. The hypnotist has no control over you while in hypnosis, whatsoever!  Hypnosis is a 100% Consent State, if at anytime you want to emerge for any reason, you can instantly open your eyes and become fully alert. No one can hypnotize you, or keep you in hypnosis against your will.

Of course, this myth about hypnosis works great in Hollywood, but people also fly in movies and we all still know that to be untrue. The same applies to stage hypnosis. Both of which are primarily for entertainment, not health and healing.

Can I be hypnotized and will it work for me?

The short, simple answer to these questions is yes. Anyone can be hypnotized providing that they want to, they do not have any fear or misconceptions about hypnosis, and they can follow basic instructions. Whether or not it will help you, really, truly depends on you. It is a very effective (and pleasant) solution because hypnosis works below conscious thinking, and taps into our subconscious thinking – that part just below the surface where we dream from, and where our emotions and long term memories are housed. This allows direct access to our inner, deeper thoughts and emotions that are often driving our behavior and thoughts. When we make changes at this deep level, they tend to be long lasting and feel easy. With hypnosis, you will become better equipped to manage your life circumstances, change unwanted behaviors and create the outcomes you desire.  This is all possible, but the caveat is you have to want to change, for your own reasons!

What issues does hypnosis work for?

Hypnosis is proven to help with countless issues – inclusive of anything people have problems with.  A simple example is when you want to feel different, or maybe you know there is something you should (or want to) be doing, but in the moment it feels like you are unable, or unwilling, to follow through.

Although I cannot list all of the issues or goals we have helped out clients overcome and/or achieve, we help people lose weight, stop smoking, insomnia/better sleep, reduce stress and anxiety, recover from past experiences and relationships, reduce pain, improve motivation, increase sports performance, recover from substance abuse, and much, much more. We also work with kids and teens.

With hypnosis, you’ll become better equipped to manage your life circumstances, change unwanted behaviors and create the outcomes you desire.

Why does hypnosis work?

Hypnosis works because you are in a relaxed state of extreme concentration, solely focused on the message, and deeply absorbing it, as opposed to a conscious form in which you may trivialize, ignore or reject change. If you like a suggestion, you will allow it to enter into your subconscious mind. Once you have accepted the suggestion, your mind responds automatically and immediately.

You are what you think, and when you start changing the way you think the change truly begins. Our clients have all the solutions inside of them to be successful and a great hypnotist helps them discover and implement those solutions.

At Summit Hypnosis and Wellness, we are committed to debunking the myths and eradicating the fear that can be associated with the word “hypnosis”. If you would like to learn more about hypnosis, please visit our website or call our off