Achieve Instant Alpha State with One Word Bonus: Basic Relaxation for the Equestrian

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Achieve Instant Alpha State with One Word
Bonus: Basic Relaxation for the Equestrian

Raise your hand if you read last month’s article and practiced the script to achieve Alpha state and relaxed for twenty minutes every day. Those of you who raised your hands may have noticed the byproducts of this practice:

Better and more sound sleep
Improved mental and physical health
Improved performance

It’s amazing what happens when we learn how to relax. Without the continual carryover of tension from day to day, your system functions more efficiently. You are more at ease during both your waking and sleeping hours, and you sleep deeper and more contently, but for a shorter period of time. Twenty minutes in Alpha is equal to four hours of natural rest. When you find yourself sleeping less, you will also find yourself with extra hours to do those things you have always wanted to do – extra reading, writing, exercising, whatever interests you.

Now that you have retrained your brain, you can progress to a more immediate form of alpha conditioning . By doing the extended alpha script for 14-21 times under the proper conditions, you should easily be able to progress from the extended script to accessing alpha state by using a single word. Those of you who meditate will already be familiar with this process, and whatever mantra you currently use will work just fine for our purposes here.

The instructions are simple:

1) Select a word you would like to use to replace the alpha conditioning technique introduced in the last article.

2) Practice this for one week. If alpha state occurs when you use the chosen word, you will be able to start adding hypnosis scripts to make positive changes. If not, repeat this set of instructions until alpha occurs, using your chosen word. When alpha consistently occurs, you can use this technique to prepare your mind prior to any of the self-hypnosis scripts.

Instant Alpha Conditioning

From this moment on, each and every time I desire to attain the deep state of total relaxation, I am instantly and fully relaxed, as I am now drifting into the alpha state of consciousness. The moment I think my chosen word ________, alpha occurs. This word has an effect only when I use it and only under the proper circumstances. Each and every time I do use it I am fully prepared to receive positive, beneficial and constructive suggestions, impressing each one deeper into my storage and memory facility of my brain.

From this moment on, ___________ triggers deep relaxation of my mind and body. I feel alpha occur. I feel wonderful. I feel comfortable. I am totally receptive and responsive to my own creative ideas and suggestions. I am bathed in a glow of quietness, peace, and serenity. My chosen word works only when I deliberately use it for deep relaxation to attain alpha consciousness. Its use in regular conversation has no effect on me whatsoever. From this moment on, each and every time I desire the deep state of total relaxation, I am instantly and fully relaxed upon saying _____________. Because my subconscious must follow my command, each and every time I desire total relaxation, I am instantly and fully relaxed when I think my chosen word____________. I feel a deep sense of gratification as this word programming becomes a reality. Feeling wonderful, generous, alive, and eager to awaken . . .


Once you are able to easily access alpha using your word, your technique will be to access alpha using Instant Alpha and proceed to the script for what you are working on. I suggest starting with “Basic Relaxation” as the first self-hypnosis session. With this session you will learn breathing techniques that cultivate deep physical and mental relaxation. Muscle tension is replaced by peace and harmony, producing smooth, effortless, and relaxed body movements for a more pleasurable ride or competitive event.

Imagine being comfortable in the saddle, with light hands, moving in harmony with your horse. Add the following script after you are comfortable with the Instant Alpha technique to train your brain to ride better, and to be more relaxed and comfortable while riding.

Basic Relaxation for the Equestrian

When I ride I feel so relaxed … I enjoy being with my horse because it makes me feel so good. I feel relaxed when I hold my horse’s reins – I automatically feel so comfortable and relaxed when I am holding my horse’s reins when I ride. I am able to ride well … I am able to be peaceful and alert while I am riding. Because I am calm and relaxed my horse performs better. I do whatever task I need to do with such confidence, relaxation and ease. Everything I do comes so easy to me. I find that because I am calm and relaxed on the horse that I am riding that my horse responds to me better. I ride with complete balance … I handle everything that my horse does with great confidence and self assurance.
I am very calm and peaceful. I feel great. I completely enjoy the wonderful feeling of being completely relaxed. Relaxation comes to me so easily, so much so that should I try to resist relaxation consciously or subconsciously, my body automatically grows more relaxed. I continue to relax even more soundly and more deeply with every breath that I exhale. I enjoy all these sensations that allow me to relax without any effort whatsoever. My whole body just gives in. The more and more I allow my body to relax, the better I feel. The better I feel, the more and more my body relaxes.
In every way now I feel better, happier, and more content. Every second, every minute, every hour, every day, my self-confidence builds more and more. I have a positive attitude. My mind stays calm and content in all situations. I have the ability to let everything flow in peace and harmony with my new way of enjoying life. I have good thinking and good judgment … always relaxed and able to handle all events in my life with the ability to let everything happen in a peaceful content way.
When I ride my horse I feel relaxed and enjoy being on my horse because it makes me feel so good. I ride well because I am peaceful on my horse. I am calm and my horse performs great … I do whatever task I need to do with such confidence and ease. Everything I do comes so easy to me. I am calm and relaxed on my horse …and my horse responds so well to all of my requests. I feel so comfortable on my horse as I ride with complete balance and ease. I handle everything that my horse does with such confidence.
I feel so marvelous and wonderful every time I ride … these wonderful feelings stay with me all the time – every day. I am happy and content when I ride. I give in to the potential of my mind and body. Whatever my mind can conceive, my body can achieve. How great I feel when I am riding … how peaceful. All of these suggestions help and guide me to be more and more relaxed every time I ride. I allow my body to relax and to enjoy these wonderful, good feelings that go through my body.
Anytime I desire to feel better than I do, I simply take a moment … take a couple of deep breaths, and say the word “relax” quietly to myself. The word “relax” is a conditioned response key to my subconscious mind. When I say this word, I recapture the feelings of being comfortable and relaxed while on my horse. I feel enthusiastic about my future. The word “relax” is my conditioned suggestion. Every time I use my relaxation programming, it becomes more effective. Each time I say the word “relax” while I am on my horse, I ride with harmony, comfort and relaxation.
Every time I have a lesson or I practice for a show I feel more and more confident. I am in balance and enjoy riding with the rhythm of my horse’s gait. I am automatically relaxed when I hold onto my reins. This makes me feel so confident, relaxed and secure.
This entire suggestion is represented by the letter “R” of my sub-key word “RHYTHM.” Anytime I think, say, or see the word “RHYTHM,” all suggestions keyed to this word are automatically activated, stimulated and work for my benefit.


My purpose for sharing this with the trainers who read this publication to demystify hypnosis for the equestrian world and add value, giving you, the trainer, techniques that are great tools to teach your students and to use yourself. Remember that you can record this script for your own use after your Instant Alpha key word, or you can find it already recorded at Equestrians and trainers around the world listen to my MP3s to improve their skill set, and for readers of this publication I am offering 25% off all of my Equestrian MP3s. Simply use the code ARIA2017 at checkout.