New Series: Hypnosis For Moving Through Illness

If you are reading this blog chances are that you have heard that hypnosis can be helpful to you and your loved ones in one way or another. Perhaps you have heard that hypnosis can help you manage pain or help you sleep better, relax, learn better, or even lose weight. Hypnosis has been used to transform bad habits such as smoking, eating unhealthy foods, or biting your fingernails, into good ones such as saying thank you, exercising, taking better care of yourself and being more aware of what you need to do for yourself. It can help you increase your focus and improve your performance in everything from your job to your family life, or even your golf game.

After years of experience, research, and observation I have learned that during times of illness or injury there are seven main areas of concern: managing fear, maximizing your treatment potential, dealing with your emotions, bolstering your immune system, optimizing your sleep, managing your pain, and possibly preparing for surgery. Hypnosis can help with all of these areas. Even if you have fear or anxiety about the future or an illness or treatment, that too can be eliminated with hypnosis.

What hypnosis can do during times of serious illness is heal the mind’s relationship to the prognosis and help the patient feel peace and comfort. It can help the person concentrate on important matters such as getting their affairs and close relationships in order. Although hypnosis cannot physically heal a person’s body, it can give them the ability to take care of their needs in a positive and loving way. So the body might not heal, but the patient will gain physical, mental, and emotional comfort with the use of hypnosis.

I have written a new book called, “Hypnosis for Moving Through Illness,” that covers the seven main areas of concern and much more. In addition, I have recorded an entire self-hypnosis series that coincides with all of the topics in the book.

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Over the next few weeks, I will be posting a series of blogs based on my book. This collection of blogs will touch on many issues associated with moving through illness. Lasting change comes when you bypass the conscious mind and work in the space that creates your habits and personality: the place where your emotions originate. Your subconscious mind is what has programmed you to be you, and that includes your state of wellness.