How I Lost Weight & You Can Too!

As a Consulting Hypnotist here at Summit Hypnosis & Wellness, I think it is important to share my experience with my clients, as well as anyone else out there looking to make a change in their life (big or small). So as I sit at my desk, in my cozy office, I stare at the blank computer screen in front of me and occasionally catch myself staring out the window at the peaceful lake. You see, I have been planning this first blog entry in my mind for far too long. Simply put, it is time! Time for me to use my personal experiences, knowledge and life lessons, but here’s the question‚Ķ How do I reach out to this thing we call the “blogosphere”? And with that question comes the thought, will anyone care to read what I have to say?

before & after

You see, over the past year I have lost just about 65 pounds. Wait‚ĶWHAT?! That’s like a (not so) small child! Through this journey, I have been through all of the ups and downs both mentally and physically. For me, being honest and kind with myself, along with mental preparedness, were the only things missing from my past attempts at weight loss without success. This time around I made a mental promise to myself to focus on taking better care of my body and improving my overall health, not focusing much attention at all on weight loss. Now this was not a mere act of¬†will power. After all, will power is housed in your conscious (logical) mind which only comprises 12% of your brain power. This change needs to be made on, both, a conscious and subconscious level because the subconscious mind is really the power house of who you are, as the other 88% of your brain power.

You are what you think…simply speaking, when you spend time hating yourself and/or your body, you are really preventing yourself from reaching your goals. In my opinion, this is where hypnosis plays an imperative role in the decision to live a healthy life and repair your body…your ONLY body! The reason most diets fail is that they impose unrealistic restrictions on how you live your life. You are not only depriving yourself physically, but mentally as well. Using hypnosis, we work to help you become healthy both mentally and physically. However, I do not want to stop there! Being able to share studies and experiences with clients, family and friends is like a dream come true!

I want to provide you with information that perhaps pushes how or what you currently think of nutrition; constantly working on reframing your beliefs about how to care for your body efficiently and effectively. You do not need deprive yourself to become healthier…in fact, it is quite the opposite. {I eat. I eat a lot. Yet I continue to lose weight?} I want you to think of your body like a bank. We make nutritional deposits and withdrawals constantly in our day to day lives. But what happens when we withdrawal more than we deposit? Shifting the mind frame over to overall nutrition, rather than deprivation, can make a huge difference in your success!

Ease Into Change:

The best way to approach any major change is gradually. This can be for a multitude of reasons, including (but not limited to):

  1. Keeping your sanity, as well as the others’ around you (potentially affected by this change). There are a lot of food groups to cover, so hit the ground walking not running.
  2. Throwing away EVERYTHING and REPLACING with new real food alternatives is EXPENSIVE. As you work to learn and do more, keep in mind that each small change is a success in its self. You ARE changing…one step at a time!
  3. As we incorporate hypnosis into each and every change, the success keeps flowing. This encourages the desire for lasting change. As you begin to feel great, mentally and physically, it compounds the desire for overall health, thus creating a wonderful cycle.

Change Your Perspective, Change Your Life:

This is not a diet; it is a change in perspective of what our bodies NEED to survive. Have the intention to be the BEST you can possibly be…inside and out. If you think you can make this change right away, you are setting yourself up for failure. In the office, we work on being kinder to yourself and being more positive. By reserving roughly 20% of your meals & snacks per week for slip-ups, you can focus on your goal the other 80% of the time. This will prevent any feelings of failure and help you focused and guilt free.

As you make a commitment to shift over to a natural, whole foods diet it is imperative to work on letting go of guilt. That which makes us feel guilty may vary from each person to the next, but it is still an important piece of the puzzle. When you come to my office, we use several methods while in hypnosis to let go of, and thus remove guilt from the equation. After this, we discuss a plan of action…which steps should be YOUR first. For some this may be as small as beginning to incorporate a healthy smoothie into their diet, and as huge an undertaking as eliminating all processed foods in the house (Refrigerator, Pantry, Spice Cabinet, etc.). Together we work on a plan that is just right for you!


If you would like additional assistance with what to keep, or toss and replace with, I am available to come to your home and help you on this journey. As you make this choice, take a chance and decide to change, I can be with you however little or much you like. Perhaps you have a loved one (or many) that would like to start this passage to wellness together. My fiancé, Eric, is my partner in living the best life possible…mostly willingly too, I must say! For me it is about love; the love of food, fiancé, family, friends, myself, work & LIFE! I hope to share a little (maybe a lot) of that love with our community at Summit Hypnosis & Wellness.

I would love to see you in my office to help you along your path to health. You can call the office at 561.841.7603 to talk about availability any day you’d like (of course, if it is a weekend we will call you back). In the future, keep tuned for more posts on real food, the ugly truth of the common American diet, whole food recipes, fertility, and more!