Golfers, Shave Points Off Your Scorecard in 4 Easy Steps

“Golf is a game that is best played on a five-inch course – the distance between your ears.”  Bobby Jones

How much have you spent on equipment, lessons, and gadgets, just trying to reach a respectable handicap? Even with all the countless innovations, it is surprising that the average score among golfers in the U.S. has remained about the same for the last 20 years!

How could that be? The “Golden Bear” himself, Jack Nicklaus, once said, “90 percent of golf is mental.” That is one the one thing that has not changed… The way we think. So how can you tame your mind so you can play better golf?

  1. Remember why you play golf.
    With all of the focus on training and practicing or the latest driver or putter, it is easy to forget why you chose to take up golf in the first place. Unlike any other sport, the game of golf is a metaphor for life. It is about the journey. When you get too caught up in technique, equipment, or what other golfers on the course are doing, you lose your original intent for playing.
  2. Practice “Staying IN the moment”.
    How many shots have your blown thinking about the 4-putt or 5-putt on the last green? Thinking of past mistakes or worrying about landing in the bunker can ruin your current shot.
  3. Feel and KNOW what you want when you step up to the tee.
    Instead of analyzing or dissecting the “faults’ in your swing, stop for a moment to remember the feel of your best swing and visualize where the ball is going. Just a second or two of connecting with that feeling is worth more than the ten minutes of rote memory, or thinking things through like they “should be.”
  4. Release anger and frustration when you make mistakes.
    Let go of judgments or expectations of the results, and take a moment to breathe deeply to calm yourself. This will help you return to your center, your heart, and your love for the game of golf.

Most PGA Pros and even golf schools employ a mental coach. My book, Awesome Golf Now! will teach you the techniques a good mental coach uses. Paired with my, Complete Awesome Golf self-hypnosis series, you are sure to shave points off your scorecard.