Do It Yourself Self Hypnosis In As Little As Two Weeks

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Self-Hypnosis DIY in as Little as Two Weeks

We’ve talked a lot about techniques to help your students improve performance; and I have suggested that hypnosis is the fastest way to achieve this improvement. Unfortunately, a good hypnotist may not be readily accessible – physically or financially – to your students. And most trainers are too busy to get the necessary education to become a hypnotist – why would you? Your passion in riding, and helping others improve their equestrian performance in the ring. What if you could learn, and in turn teach your students, how to reach the alpha state, opening the doorway to the subconscious mind for a self-hypnosis session?

SESSION is another name for the physical act of reaching the subconscious mind. This natural technique is so effective in releasing all muscle and nerve tension within the body that you realize immediately a wonderful sense of well being and absolute ease. This deep state of rest is accompanied by an improvement in circulation. And your mind, free from tension and useless activity, is able to strengthen and reenergize every muscle, every nerve, and every cell in the body. By releasing deep muscular tension (perhaps for the first time in your life), you alleviate nerve tension automatically. And with freedom from nerve tension comes absolute and complete relaxation.

Relaxation is achieved during the session by means of suggestion. As you relax your mind by letting it dwell upon thoughts of quietness, serenity, and well-being, your body quickly responds to the suggestion of rest by letting go and relaxing. To realize a progressively deeper state of relaxation, all you need to do is maintain this calm, quiet state of mind. The vital point to remember in attaining the state of deep relaxation is:

Make absolutely no effort to achieve this state. No concentration or effort is necessary. Simply let it happen.

Effort is the function of the conscious mind. The subconscious mind does everything with ease. It is the subconscious you are working with during your sessions. Since it learns very quickly, your subconscious will soon anticipate what it must do so that each repetition of the relaxation routine, you relax easier, faster, and deeper.

Guidelines for Successful Self-Hypnosis Sessions

When you learned to ride, you didn’t start out competing in a Grand Prix. The same is true with reaching an altered state of consciousness. You will first learn a few basic guidelines, and then you must practice, practice, practice. Repetition is your friend. As is said in yoga: repetition is the mother of mastery.

1 – Preset your time limit. Research tells us that 20 minutes is the best amount of time. You may need to use a timer to awaken you until you have trained the subconscious to respond to you. You are seeking a dreamy, detached state (not sleep) wherein you can make clear and definite impressions upon your feeling mind. Total unawareness does not mean sleep. It is merely and indication that you are at a very deep level of alpha.

2. Get comfortable. Loosen your clothing if it is at all tight or binding. Remove your shoes, your tie, glasses or any article of clothing that may pinch or be uncomfortable in any way. Position yourself on your back so that the circulation is unrestricted.

3. Initially use the same place to practice. You will begin to associate the chair, couch, bed, or even floor with the alpha level of consciousness. Avoid using your bed if you have difficulty sleeping. Avoid using your ex-husband’s or ex-wife’s chair (there are negative connotations attached). And never practice for at least an hour before bedtime—otherwise you will be alert and awake when you want to sleep.

4. Use your environment. Allow every noise, sound, or movement to carry you deeper into the desired state. Use your immediate environment to help you relax instead of working to discount it. Prepare for eventuality. If you are expecting a call, use a telephone to awaken you. If the doorbell should ring, use it to deepen the state. It is up to you to form the habit. Every sound or noise can take you deeper and deeper or it can awaken you. It is your choice.

5. Always maintain the same attitude. Expect to thoroughly enjoy this period of relaxation. Assume an attitude. “I relax as deeply as I can go and I enjoy the benefit from the experience.” Avoid analyzing, avoid questioning, avoid attempting anything. Simply let it happen.

You may want to record the following alpha conditioning script so you can do it with your eyes closed, which resembles what would happen if I were there with you. Or you can just read it to yourself. Get comfortable. Use the same place to practice, and read (or listen to) the section on alpha conditioning. Let it happen.

Alpha Conditioning Script

Under no circumstances do I naturally fall asleep. I allow myself to relax . . . I relax . . . and allow myself to become as comfortable as possible. I feel myself relax. I allow the sensation of gentle rest to begin flowing throughout my body. I can feel myself growing more and more relaxed . . . with each and every breath that I exhale. I visualize a balloon exhausting all its air. I too, relax, releasing greater and greater amounts of tension as I exhale . . . dissolving into the deepest state of rest. I feel . . . feel . . . the sensation of soothing relaxation as it begins in my toes . . . and each and every fiber and muscle in each toe . . . now responds to the irresistible urge to let go . . . to let go. Each toe grows limp, loose, and relaxed. As a dry sponge absorbs warm, languid liquid . . . my body absorbs the soothing, languid, glowing quietness . . . of relaxation. Irresistibly . . . the relaxation flows into both my fee. Smoothly, yet quickly, with an ever-increasing sense of pleasure . . . and enjoyment . . . the languid sense of peaceful, calm relaxation reaches my knees . . . and my knees relax. Swiftly now, like that thirsty sponge . . . soaking up warm, languid liquid . . . the relaxation spreads to my upper legs . . . saturating them . . . spreading smoothly into both hips, and I am, from the hips all the way down . . . to the tips of my toes . . . firmly aware . . . and yet deeply relaxed.

With every breath now, my level of conscious awareness grows less . . . and less . . . and less. Feeling safe and secure, my legs seem to fade . . . fade . . . fade away. Every breath is slow and easy . . . slow and easy . . . slow and easy. As I relax deeper and deeper, the same soothing . . . tingling. . . relaxation . . . now begins to develop in my fingertips . . . filling each finger smoothly, deeply, and totally, with the sensation of deep relaxation. Each finger discharges every last bit of muscular tension . . . and in doing so . . . grows limp, loose, and relaxed. As the relaxation grows deep and complete . . . it spills over into both of my hands . . . saturating every tissue . . . every fiber . . . every cell . . . with the most enjoyable sensation . . . of absolute ease and quietness. As tension is dissipated, I become aware . . . of the sensation of the free-flowing circulation of the blood . . . which adds to the glow of relaxation. Both my hands are now completely relaxed . . . and the relaxation spreads with increasing effectiveness . . . into my wrists . . . and my wrists let go . . . into my forearms . . . and they, too, grow limp and relaxed. My elbows let go as they, too . . . seem to fade . . . fade . . . fade away.

Swiftly now, the glowing sensation of utter calmness and tranquility permeates my upper arms . . . the muscles grow limp and relaxed . . . and finally permeates both shoulders and . . . my shoulders let go . . . very limp, very relaxed. With each soothing, satisfying breath, they seem to fade . . . fade . . . fade . . . from my conscious awareness. My legs are deeply relaxed . . . my arms are deeply relaxed. A soothing . . . penetrating . . . deep quietness of my arms and legs now begins to penetrate, to saturate . . .to fill and to soak . . . the rest of my body . . . with calm, quiet rest. I visualize clear, golden honey flowing smoothly and gently . . . into a clear, glass container. Like the honey, the relaxation spills down from my shoulders, flows down my spinal column . . . bubbling up from my hips . . . and through my body . . . slowly filling with the most pleasant . . . enjoyable sensation of quietness. My back muscles relax . . . my abdomen muscles relax . . . my chest muscles relax . . . and every tissue . . . every organ . . . every gland, deep within my being responds to this soothing sensation . . . by relaxing also. Relax . . . relax . . . relax.

Every sound, every noise, every voice that I hear helps me to relax deeper and deeper. My glands and my organs are smoothly and efficiently . . . growing even more relaxed . . . with each and every beat of my heart. My heart is now pumping soothing . . . easy . . . quietness throughout my being. Slowly and irresistibly now . . . my entire body is filling . . . filling . . . filling . . . with relaxation . . . and soon, my entire body grows limp . . . and then begins to fade . . . fade . . . fade away. As my conscious mind yields to its critical authority . . . as it drifts . . . and dreams . . . and floats . . . the irresistible sensation of relaxation spreads smoothly into the muscles of my neck . . . and each nerve . . . each muscle . . . each fiber . . . grows limp and relaxes . . . responding more and more to the urge to relax . . . deeper and deeper. As my neck muscles relax . . . all congestion is relieved . . . all tension vanishes . . . and the sensation of the most utter contentment fills my mind. My mind urges my relaxed body to let go even more. The soothing quietness spreads into my scalp . . . and my entire scalp lets go.

A blanket of quietness is slowly enveloping my entire being, which I can now feel. I feel a cap of soothing, drowsy rest spreading over my entire scalp . . . and with such ease . . . with such enormous pleasure . . . the languid warmth finally spreads down across my face . . . and every muscles . . . every nerve . . . every fiber in my face grows limp and relaxed. The muscles in my cheeks and jaws let go. I am now completely and totally relaxed. Every breath takes me deeper and deeper. Every breath finds me with less . . . and less conscious awareness, but with greater and greater receptivity of my subconscious mind. I am, from this time forward, growing more relaxed . . . serene . . . and calm during all my waking and sleeping hours. I can, at any time, achieve this same deep sense of relaxation and quietness. I have the ability to relax and I do so . . . with the greatest ease and pleasure . . . making relaxation the easiest thing I do.
Upon awakening . . . I find I am more refreshed . . . and more invigorated . . . than I have ever felt before in my whole life. I always find relaxation refreshing . . . invigorating . . . rejuvenating.


Practice this once or twice a day for at least two weeks. At that point, you will be able to start making positive changes in your life – and you can progress to a more immediate form of alpha conditioning. Look for instructions about how to achieve Instant Alpha State next month.