Coming in August 2021 : 6 Keys To Winning Sports Certification – Valuable Tools To Replace A Losing Mentality With The Winning Edge In Any Sport

Please join us at the NGH Convention in August 2021 where Laura King will be presenting the course below:

The 6 Keys to Winning Sports Certification will allow you to expand your practice to include athletes of all levels of expertise, from children to professionals. If you are already working with athletes, this class will give you proven new and innovative ways of helping your clients achieve a winning mentality! What you will learn will allow you to work with a wide variety of athletes, as all of the principles cross boundaries -from team sports to individual sports, and at all levels of proficiency. Every athlete is looking to recreate those moments of flow and being in the zone, where their every movement is efficient and effective. Everything they think and do moves them closer to their goals for their athletic performance, or further away. No matter what sport your client is pursuing – skiing, running, lacrosse, volleyball, football, cheering, swimming, soccer, golf, billiards, and more – you can work with them to learn what actions they can take to improve the probability that they’ll spend more time in the zone and less time berating themselves and throwing their club (or bat, racket, etc.).

This comprehensive class will give you crucial and valuable processes to use with your clients – from how to ask the right questions to get to the root of the issue to the valuable hypnotic and NLP techniques that get results. Learn the six (6) universal keys to dealing with All sports enhancement and lift the limitations of your outreach. The bonus business tools included in this course will help you expand your practice into the lucrative field of sports hypnosis. Work with All athletes and achieve more success, both in your practice and with your clients.

β€’ Unique benefits for using hypnosis for all sport enhancement
β€’ Unique benefits and tools for using NLP for all sport improvement
β€’ Unique benefits and tools for teaching the Natural Laws of the Mind in any sport
β€’ Tools for creating a natural talent for all of your clients
β€’ 6 areas of performance that athletes need in order to be their best
β€’ Tools to effectively work with clients using Hypnosis and NLP
β€’ Tried & proven exercises for helping the client release the past failures and build a roadmap for peak performance
β€’ How to prepare and use the 6 Keys for all sports
β€’ Step-by-step process for your client to follow to achieve their goal
β€’ How to do a customized plan including timelines, action steps and affirmations

We can’t wait to see you there!