6 Point Program to Help Your Child Succeed

While childhood can be a time of carefree exploration, learning and fun, in reality it’s not always rainbows and sunshine.

Today’s children face a multitude of stressful situations that can undermine their confidence and cause behavioral problems. As parents, we’re always looking for ways to help our children learn in school and in life. We provide support and encouragement at home and take an active interest in their class work. Maybe you’ve tried hiring tutors and learning coaches, going to therapy and getting medication, and doing homework with (or for) your child for hours each night.

But that’s not enough!

Some kids don’t appear to possess the study habits and test-taking skills necessary to ensure success, no matter what their parents do. Wait no longer. There’s a simple answer. The Complete Learn self-hypnosis series of 6 self-hypnosis recordings that target the exact areas needed to assist your child in learning and developing good study habits and test-taking skills.

This Series is a six-point program for learning that uses specific relaxation techniques and mental imagery to make the following changes in your child’s life:

  • Maximize study habits and test-taking ability
  • Retrain their mind to be alert, concentrate and absorb information
  • Enhance creativity and recall
  • Expand their interests and become an excellent thinker who makes easy deductions      comparing new and already stored information
  • Advance the child’s education, and school career.

Hypnosis for children can provide your child with the skills to overcome developmental issues, deal positively with outside influences and begin to thrive as a happy and balanced individual in and out of school. Simply play the self-hypnosis for children recordings of your choice for your child when you put them to bed. The mind takes 20 minutes to fall asleep, so you can rest assured that the information in the hypnosis for children recordings will be absorbed deeply into your child’s subconscious mind. Hypnosis for children is a safe and non-invasive way to help your child overcome developmental issues and learn new, healthy habits – even in school.

The Complete Learn self-hypnosis series is a six-point program for learning. Listening to the Learn self-hypnosis recordings will retrain your subconscious mind with specific relaxation techniques and practicing mental imagery. Save over $50.00! Buy this 6 CD series and receive a BONUS CD – Be Your Best (Be Fit Series). Total value: $190.00. Click HERE to purchase product.