6 Point Program to Help Your Child Succeed

While childhood can be a time of carefree exploration, learning and fun, in reality it’s not always rainbows and sunshine. Today’s children face a multitude of stressful situations that can undermine their confidence and cause behavioral problems. As parents, we’re always looking for ways to help our children learn in school and in life.

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Summit Subliminals

mmit Subliminals™ audio recordings are designed for use while driving, walking, cooking, or just relaxing, as a tool to create powerful and lasting change in your life. Each CD set has awesome affirmations taken directly from the matching Laura King Hypnosis Series, created and recorded by renowned Certified Hypnotherapist,

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7 Steps to Achieving What You Want in Life

You deserve the best life has to offer. Even the happiest people I know have one or two areas they would like to improve in their lives. Health, relationships, business, balance… There is always something. Here is the actual process I use in my Life Coaching practice to help my clients get the most out of

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3 Tips for Better Performance in Any Sport

When it comes to children’s sports, both the individual and the team variety, there are two distinct categories of behavior that are important for family members to manage: the performance of the young person, and the behavior of the parents. Fortunately, whether you want to become a more composed and diplomatic parent while your child is

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7 Steps to Get You Through Grief

Is There Life after the Death of a Loved One? Part of living life is losing loved ones, especially as we get older. Sometimes cancer, a heart attack, a car accident, or suicide may seem to steal a loved one from us prematurely. Death of someone close is a ver

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Relationships for Life

Finding the ideal partner in life is very important. And then, once you are in that wonderful relationship, you must find balance and learn the art of diplomacy so that your new love grows into a rich life-long partnership filled with all the warmth, joy and fulfillment a happy relationship has to offer.

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