How I Lost Weight & You Can Too!

As a Consulting Hypnotist here at Summit Hypnosis & Wellness, I think it is important to share my experience with my clients, as well as anyone else out there looking to make a change in their life (big or small). So as I sit at my desk, in my cozy office, I stare at the blank computer screen in front of me and occasionally catch

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Weight Loss West Palm Beach, FL: The Secret to Rapid Natural Weight Loss

The problem with most weight loss methods is that they don’t change the eating patterns of someone that wants to lose weight. Hypnosis is the only method of weight loss that works with the subconscious mind-to change the ingrained eating habits. Most people don’t realize that habits are actually formed

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Begin to Achieve Your Ideal Weight in 4 Easy Steps

Despite what you may have heard your whole life, you CAN begin to shed those unwanted pounds without going to the gym every day.You can actually train your brain to eat less food and lose weight without exercise! Then once you lose the weight, you will feel like exercising for your health.

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8 Easy Steps for Keeping Your New Year’s Resolution

It is that time of year again.January 1st means New Year’s Resolutions. Did you cringe? Does February 1st come with the list all but forgotten, except for the guilt of not achieving your goals? Get a notebook, because I am going to share 8

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10 Tips for Surviving the Holidays with Cheer

For most, the Holidays are associated with hope and optimism, yet statistically, it is the most stressful time of the year. With shopping, deadlines, crowds, endless to-do lists and high expectations, there is often little time to enjoy yourself in the spirit of the holidays. I

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Equestrians, Improve Your Riding Success in 4 Easy Steps

“Luck is the residue of design.”In the words of former Brooklyn Dodgers owner Branch Rickey, “Luck is the residue of design.” You can improve your equestrian riding success by designing a plan to make it happen, using these four easy steps.

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