Billie Jean Foster Certified Hypnotist

Billie Jean has always been passionate about helping others. She decided to follow in her mother’s foot steps and become a hypnotist herself. She has worked at Summit Hypnosis since 2017. She studied hypnosis at Cascade Center for Hypnotist. She is certified by the National Guild of Hypnosis, certified as a Master Hypnotist, certified a 5 Path Hypnotist, and a 7th Path Self Hypnotist Teacher by the Banyan Hypnosis Center.

Billie Jean offers phone sessions, in-person sessions, virtual sessions by facetime, whats app, and zoom.

Let Billie Jean help you get down to the root of your issues. Using a two part system of hypnosis and 5-path she will help you unlock your true potential. By accessing your subconscious mind and getting rid of the limiting beliefs, regaining your self confidence, and rewiring your brain to help you be your personal best.

Smoking Cessation
Test Taking
Weight loss
Overcoming fear
Sports performance
Self Confidence
Sugar addiction